Involvement of Straight Motion Kinematics as a Basic Musical Features In The Music Work of Albertus Tanuwidjaya’s “Jalan Menuju Surga”


  • Maria Octavia Rosiana Dewi ISI Yogyakarta


This research examines the stages of Albertus Tanuwidjaya's creative process in making the final project musical work "Jalan Menuju Surga". It aims to discover the form of involvement of elements of the kinematics of straight motion in musical works, as the basic concept in making a final project music work in 2019. Albertus Tanuwidjaya also explored the concept as an extramusical idea. This research uses descriptive qualitative research methods with a case study approach. For the result, there are several stages in the process of creativity in the cultivation, namely the stages of processing kinematic data and presenting data in the form of graphs. The next stage of transformation results from the process of kinematic data into musical works with the establishment of rules to limit the transformation process. The last stage is the processing of creating a musical composition by applying the transformation according to the composer's wishes and then combining it with other aspects beyond the transformation rules. The kinematic elements involved in "Jalan Menuju Surga" transformed into the form of musical features that uses as basic concepts in the process of producing musical works.