The Mystical Value Of A Jaran Kepang Turonggo Seto Cepit Performance In Pagergunung Village Temanggung Regency


  • Indriyanto Indriyanto Universitas Negeri Semarang
  • Cindy Dwi Kusumawardani Universitas Negeri Semarang
  • Budi Astuti Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta


mystical value, performance, jaran kepang


Jaran Kepang dance is a traditional populist dance that emerged and developed among the community, especially in Temanggung Regency. The performance contains a mystical value in the elements of the performance. The purpose of this study is to know the mystical value of the Jaran Kepang dance performance in the Jaran Kepang Turonggo Seto Cepit Pagergunung group, Bulu District, Temanggung Regency. This study used a qualitative research method with the phenomenological and Emic-Ethic approaches. The research data collection techniques used observation, interviews, and documentation. The results of the study show that the Jaran Kepang Turonggo Seto Cepit Pagergunung Dance contains mystical values in the ritual, trance, offerings, and handler. In addition, the mystical elements of the performance include the movement of dancers who are possessed and the dance accompaniment in the form of gamelan when the dance performance is carried out with the provision of offerings. The properties of Jaran Kepang dancers are a dummy horse, whip, gendewa, makeup, costumes, and staging area. The conclusion shows that the mystical value in the Jaran Kepang Turonggo Seto Cepit Pagergunung Dance performance occurs through a worship ritual performed by the handler to a spirit who has supernatural powers that are present when the show is performed. The supernatural spirit enters the body of the players, the objects that became a means of support, and the audience around the staging area. The presence of the spirit is something that is expected so it is presented using offerings as a means of respect and communication. Therefore, the mystique in the performance of jaranan appears the value of belief and magic.