Vol. 2 (2022): ICOMAC 2022

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Proceeding of The International Conference on Music and Culture (ICOMAC)  (ISSN 2963-5470) is results of  The conference held by Educations Of Drama, Dance, Music Department, Languages And Art Faculty, Universitas Negeri Semarang aims to provide platforms for practitioners, academic forum and students in Indonesia to share, discuss, and gain invaluable knowledge about the latest issues in the field of Music Education, Musical Culture. The theme of this year conference is “Post-Pandemic Adaptation in Music Education and Music Performance: Challenges in Learning and Innovation” with several subthemes which can be accessed through our website www.seminar.unnes.ac.id. The conference that presents keynote speakers was experienced in their field:

(1) Prof. Dr. Ted Tsung Te Tsai from College of Sound and Image Arts TNNUA, Taiwan (2) Dr. Xue Ke from Nanjing Xiaozhuang University, China (3) Lestika Madani Hasibuan M.A from Psikologi Musik Indonesia (4) Dr. Zechariah Goh Toh Chai from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.

The Steering Commitee on this Conference: (1) Dr. Sri Rejeki Urip, M Hum, (2) Dr. Tommy Yuniawan, M.Hum, (3) Dr. Udi Utomo, M.Si, (4) Prof. Dr. Wadiyo, M.Si , (5) Dr. Slamet Haryono, M.Sn

Organizing Comittee on Conference : (1) Mochammad Usman Wafa, M.Pd. (2) Hafid Zuhdan Bahtiar, M.Sn (3) Rima Pramesti Putri, M.Pd. (4) Lesa Paranti, M.A (5) Irfanda Riski Harmono Sejati, M.A (6) Sestri Indah Pebriyanti, M.A. (7) Nafik Salafiyah, M.Sn.

Published: 2022-11-10